Research and Thesis


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At Southern Nazarene University, we value Christian scholarship, interdisciplinary thinking, and the application of scientific research to practical specialties for the purpose of making a positive difference in the world. In the field of counseling, research is the foundation for advancing our knowledge of the psychological understanding of persons, treating psychopathology, and establishing evidence-based methods for assessment and clinical intervention. The Graduate Programs in Counseling is committed to training counselors that are knowledgeable in obtaining, interpreting, and applying current research to their own clinical practice.

In addition, our students have the opportunity to contribute to current research by developing their own research projects as part of the ongoing research within the SNU Department of Psychology and Counseling. This is not only an excellent way to obtain research experience, but is also a great way to prepare students for further education in doctoral program areas such as clinical psychology and counseling psychology. The Graduate Programs in Counseling has assisted a number of our own graduates in pursuing doctoral degree opportunities at other universities.

In order to place an emphasis on research within the Graduate Programs in Psychology, SNU offers a 60-hour degree program that culminates in a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (MACP). Students will take a core of 48 credit hours. Upon completion of the 48-core hours, students will move into a 12-hour elective concentration in Research. Students will develop a research project and a corresponding Master’s Thesis. In addition to proposing and defending a thesis, students will also meet requirements for Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).