Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program at SNU

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The Master of Business Administration program at SNU – Tulsa is designed to help students get ahead in today’s technologically advanced business marketplace. Whether you are a recent graduate or a professional looking to expand leadership knowledge and business strategies, an MBA from SNU – Tulsa can help you advance in the workplace.

Many bachelor’s program graduates will wish to further their education with a Masters in Business Administration because it is one of the most sought after and prestigious degrees worldwide. This advanced degree can be earned once a student graduates from a previous bachelor’s degree in business or another related field. More often than not, the completion of a Masters of Business Administration program can lead to a higher salary or position within a chosen career path.

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration is rooted in the early 20th century to focus on the scientific approaches to management during industrialization. Core courses in MBA programs will focus on a wide variety of business-related areas. Some of these areas include accounting, marketing, human resources, operations and finance in relation to scientific analysis and strategy.

Master of Business Administration, Health Care

With the constant growth of the health care industry, it is critical that individuals in management positions are trained to deal with ongoing challenges of affordability, quality of care and easier access. With a Master of Business Administration in Health Care, professionals are given the tools and knowledge to effectively lead health care policy and change.

Master of Science, Management

The Master of Science, Management degree from SNU – Tulsa is designed to with a focus on human resources management. As modern companies continue to grow, the need for human resources professionals will continue to grow. The MSM program prepares graduates in areas such as compliance with labor laws, administration of employee benefits, employment standards and areas of recruitment or dismissal.

What Can I Do with an MBA Degree?

After completing a Masters in Business Administration most graduates will pursue careers in a business-related field. Careers that utilize an MBA degree can be found in a wide variety of business sizes, including large corporations, non-profit organizations and small or mid-size companies. In recent years, pursuing a Masters of Business Administration has been incredibly helpful in achieving successful entrepreneurship opportunities.

Many potential MBA students will utilize the degree to make a career change or supplement their existing degree. Nearly 50% of all students that enter business schools cite a desire to change careers for their involvement in the program. During the Master of Business Administration program at SNU – Tulsa students have the ability to think through their long-term career goals and prepare for their potential career shift.

The career opportunities for MBA graduates are seemingly endless. However, there are several distinct careers that many graduates will pursue upon completion of the degree program. The following career choices are a small sample of what you can do with an MBA degree.

  • Accountant
  • Business Manager
  • CEO
  • Marketing Director
  • Executive or Corporate Recruiter
  • Management Consultant
  • Advertising Executive


Our Program Professors

Your education is important. To gain real-world knowledge during your professional studies, it is important to have professors that have practical experience in the studies they are teaching. For this reason, SNU-Tulsa is committed to providing students with the best professors in their respective fields.

The professors at SNU-Tulsa are masters of their craft. Most of the professors in this program have full-time careers in the field of study they are teaching. This means, as a student, you will gain valuable insight into your future career and can be confident in your education.

Why Choose SNU?

You are the reason that SNU – Tulsa offers the Business Administration program. You bring your own professional experiences to the class, and you leave with a respected degree, a competitive advantage, and greater opportunity in today’s challenging business environment.

We know it can be hard to find time for your education as a working adult. To help make finishing your degree more obtainable, our classes only meet one night a week for 15 months. SNU – Tulsa takes pride in being the most cost effective program in Northeastern Oklahoma.

Our desire is that you will reach your personal and career goals. With a qualified faculty, an academic team to assist you, and a proven track record of quality in our degree- completion programs, we are confident that you can, in fact, reach your goals with this exciting and challenging program.

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