Master of Business Administration- Health Care



The Master of Business Administration in Health Care (MBA-HC) program is designed for baccalaureate-degreed business professionals who are currently working for health care organizations or who desire to pursue a career in management in a health care organization and increase their effectiveness as managers and/or professionals. The mission of the program is to provide the MBA-HC student with the skills needed to be successful managers in the health care industry.

The MBA-HC program follows the model of other graduate programs in management at Southern Nazarene University; it is professional in nature and is designed to provide a broad educational experience in management. Additionally, the MBA-HC program emphasizes the relationship between management and the functional areas of communication, accounting, economics, finance, marketing and the quantitative sciences, as they relate to the health care field. And, in addition, students will grow their understanding of current and emerging Health Care trends and improve their ability to lead Health Care organizations to success. Read new information about the top 5 high-paying jobs for an MBA in Healthcare.

Objectives for MBA-HC program include the following:
  • Improve competencies in communicating, relating to others, and delivering presentations in the business environment.
  • Effectively lead and contribute to goal accomplishment in a team setting.
  • Develop critical thinking with a strategic perspective, utilizing an ethical framework, and resulting in sound decision making skills.
  • Develop or improve understanding of current business trends.
  • Develop an understanding of strategic human resource practices and leadership approaches.
  • Utilize financial statement analysis and other quantitative information to solve problems in health care organizations.
  • Demonstrate understanding of leadership and strategic issues in health care organizations.

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Southern Nazarene University offers the MBA-Health Care program at our campuses one-night a week in Tulsa.

MBA-Health Care Certificate

Professionals with master’s degrees in business or health-related fields may add a certificate in Health Care Administration that includes 13 credit hours of Health Care Administration courses; four MBA-HC courses (12 credit hours) designed specifically to address health care issues and problems, and a seminar, Leadership in Health Care (1 credit hour). Courses are taken consecutively and the certificate program cost includes tuition and books.