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The Family Studies and Gerontology (FSG) program is a Bachelor of Science degree and is designed for adults who have already earned 60 or more transferable college hours. The degree completion program has an interdisciplinary major that draws from the fields of family studies, sociology, psychology, and communication. The required coursework is designed to increase the student’s understanding of family dynamics and relationships and highlight the processes of development and aging as well as acquaint the student with the social service resources available in contemporary society.

As the generational gap continues to undergo a major transformation on both ends of the spectrum and the population continues to live longer, professionals educated in intergenerational studies and lifespan relations will become extremely valuable. At the same time, graduates of the Family Studies and Gerontology program at SNU – Tulsa will play a pivotal role in the evolving construct of our society.

Working adults that enter the Family Studies and Gerontology program will often come from many different career fields or backgrounds including ministry, human services, social services and criminal justice. Many individuals in this program seek to advance their existing professional career or pursue new career options. The curriculum is multidisciplinary and prepares individuals to advance in the real world and pursue a professional life by:

  • Focusing on issues currently impacting the aging population.
  • Learning how to implement programs and service to aid family well-being.
  • Examine the interactions and factors that contribute to healthy family relationships.
  • Determine societal factors that influence families and relationships.
  • Preparing students for careers in direct service and advocacy.
  • Develop self-awareness and understanding into your interest, values and skills.

This degree program is also often utilized as a springboard program into graduate studies. Students interested in enhancing the meaning of their work and improving their lives will achieve personal fulfillment and provide invaluable contributions to the communities they serve upon graduation. Whether you are contemplating a mid-point point career transition, starting a new career or working towards a post-retirement career, this degree program strives to help achieve your personal and professional goals.

What Can I Do with a Family Studies and Gerontology Degree?

Career possibilities with a Family Studies and Gerontology degree from SNU – Tulsa are vast for graduates of the program. With the demand for professionals in social work, human services and non-profit organization positions rising, graduates are open to a wide range of career options. However, some graduates will continue their education and pursue graduate studies. There are many careers that a graduate can pursue upon graduation. Upon completion of the Family Studies and Gerontology degree program at SNU – Tulsa, graduates will be prepared to further both their personal life and the lives of the communities they serve.
Some examples of possible careers include:

  • Adult Counseling
  • Community Outreach
  • Program Coordinator
  • Public Relations Professional
  • Social Service
  • Legal Guidance
  • Adult or Child Advocate

This is not an all-encompassing list of the possible careers you could pursue with a Family Studies and Gerontology degree from SNU – Tulsa. The knowledge and skills gained during this degree program will equip you to effectively assist with the expanding generational gap society faces. With the wide variety of industries utilizing the skills learned from the Family Studies and Gerontology program, graduates will be well prepared for a wide variety of career options.

Our Program Professors

Your education is important. To gain real-world knowledge during your professional studies, it is important to have professors that have practical experience in the studies they are teaching. For this reason, SNU-Tulsa is committed to providing students with the best professors in their respective fields.

The professors at SNU-Tulsa are masters of their craft. Most of the professors in this program have full-time careers in the field of study they are teaching. This means, as a student, you will gain valuable insight into your future career and can be confident in your education.

Why Choose SNU?

You are the reason that SNU – Tulsa offers the Business Administration program. You bring your own professional experiences to the class, and you leave with a respected degree, a competitive advantage, and greater opportunity in today’s challenging business environment.

We know it can be hard to find time for your education as a working adult. To help make finishing your degree more obtainable, our classes only meet one night a week for 15 months. SNU – Tulsa takes pride in being the most cost effective program in Northeastern Oklahoma.

Our desire is that you will reach your personal and career goals. With a qualified faculty, an academic team to assist you, and a proven track record of quality in our degree- completion programs, we are confident that you can, in fact, reach your goals with this exciting and challenging program.

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