Bachelors Programs

Man taking notes during class

Business Administration 

The Business Administration Program focuses on acquiring skills in the financial and managerial aspects of business. This program can help you navigate through these times of complex business issues, as well as prepare you for that next step in your career.  This program is 15 months in length and meets one night a week.

Student reading textbook Family Studies and Gerontology

Professionals educated in intergenerational studies and lifespan relations will play a pivotal role in the evolving construct of our society. As working adults, students who enter the Family Studies & Gerontology (FSG) degree completion program come from many fields. These fields include ministry, health, education, residential care, business, human services, criminal justice, social services, non-profit work and government.  This program is 15 months in length and meets one night a week.

Man sitting in classOrganizational Leadership

The Organizational Leadership program seeks to train true leaders by developing aptitudes and skills necessary to be successful in any organization. Organizational Leadership focuses on the theory and practical application of universal leadership skills such as professional communication, problem-solving, strategic thinking, team building, business decision-making, and project management. This program is 14 months in length and meets one night a week.

Fewer than 60 Credit Hours?

Bridge courses are five-week, stand-alone courses designed to assist students in reaching 60 college credit hours needed to enter a degree completion program (Organizational Leadership, Business Administration, and Family Studies & Gerontology). Courses help meet general education requirements and prepare you for a transition into the degree completion program of your choice.